Motorbike Tyres - Talk about tyres you've owned

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Re: Motorbike Tyres - Talk about tyres you've owned

Postby wightman » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:21 pm

I couldn't help but to hijack this thread for ten seconds. I was working in Angola, during the civil war there. Our ute had no spare (they were always being stolen) and I was tasked with getting one.........I found a very rough looking second hand wheel, with the right number of studs in the hub for $10US, with a very ragged tyre on it... We were in a rush to get back to the mine, so we sped off and we stopped at a shop to buy a round of drinks for everyone (it was a hot day) We were walking back to the ute, when the freshly inflated wheel, still lying in the tray, unfastened to its bracket, exploded between the legs of the security officer who was guarding the vehicle :oops:
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Re: Motorbike Tyres - Talk about tyres you've owned

Postby Bozo » Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:01 pm

The Mitas E07 on the rear of my GSA has been replaced with a Heidenau K60 Scout after doing over 17,000 kms.
I now have K60s front and back.
The grumbling vibration at 25 kph is also back.
Pablos at Mulgrave, Melbourne fitted the tyre and as usual were very efficient and competitive.
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Re: Motorbike Tyres - Talk about tyres you've owned

Postby spacey1 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:14 pm

Continental TKC 70

Replaced my Continental TKC 70 at 157,503 km on my R1200 GSA 2008, fitted at 136,800km.

Continental TKC 70 rear tyre @ 20,703 km next to the new TKC 70


Summing up:
  • I have never had this many kilometres on a motorcycle tyre 'EVER'. Typically 6,000 to 8,000 km from a rear.
  • These are Western Australian kilometres - ie. Flat straight bitumen roads; commuting on freeways 18 km (x2) every day, rain or shine. Club bush rides on dirt roads from the Murchison, down to Esperance and Fitzgerald National Park dirt tracks.
  • The TKC70 tyres have never let me down on-road or off-road, wet or dry (still haven't experienced mud - hardly a surprise in WA).
  • No pucker moments, they just let you know what's going to happen next.
  • They still stick like the proverbial on the sides when pushed to the lean limit.
  • Not as quiet as when originally fitted, but still quiet. But never Heidenau LOUD (Where you want 'em to wear out to stop the noise).
  • Perform admirably on dirt roads at sustained higher speeds wheelie-ing over cattle grids and power-sliding controllably in 4th.
  • Initially concerned about sidewalls, but have encountered no problems thus far.
The front still has plenty of tread. Scalloped a lot. Getting noisier. Maybe after the winter...

Would I fit them again > Already have :P
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