Using non BMW battery chargers through the BMW power outlet

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Using non BMW battery chargers through the BMW power outlet

Postby boomer61 » Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:47 pm

Someone was asking at the tuning day if you could use a non genuine BMW charger through the BMW power outlet socket to charge the battery.
I have not tried this myself.
No responsibility accepted for the information or outcome!
The following is from Munich Motorcycle website.

Q; Can I override the CANBUS system to allow this charger to charge via the factory outlet?

A; Yes. The BMW power outlet can be used with our aftermarket charger but you need to follow the correct sequence as follows

1) Ideally have the charger already switched "on" at 240v at the wall.

2) Have the bike ignition key in the "on" position at the same time when connecting the charger to your bike via the BMW power outlet.

3) After sequence 1 & 2 you may turn the bike ign key "off" / "lock" and remove key from the bike as normal.

Q; Which BMW models have CANBUS?

A; All R1200 Boxer Twins, newer style transverse inline 4cyl models & F800/650 twins.
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