1200 GSA Auxiliary Lights

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1200 GSA Auxiliary Lights

Postby Bozo » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:14 pm

The 2008 GSA runs a H11 Globe in its auxiliary lights (spotlights).


The Globe is very simple to replace by loosening the mounting bolt and then accessing the 4 Torx screws to split the holder.


Being used to H4 and H7 Globes I assumed that I should detach the globe from its base.

During an attempt to twist the globe from its integral base the Globe exploded in my hands sounding like a rifle shot.

Things I should have done:
1) purchased the replacement globe so I could see it that the base and globe were integral
2) not apply force anywhere near a globe
3) not have the first aid kit locked in panniers requiring pressure from lacerated thumbs to turn the key

I am relaying my stupidity in the hope that it may save some one else from a similar fate.

On a positive note H11 Globes are selling on the bargain tables at Masters in Bibra Lake for under $10, less than a quarter of their normal price.

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