E Torx on BMW 1200 GSA

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E Torx on BMW 1200 GSA

Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 07, 2016 11:40 am

One of the delights of owning a BMW motorbike is commencing a task and not having the correct tools.

My 2008 GSA has a smattering of E Torx bolts on it:
1) Bars E10 and E12
2) Bash Plate E10 and E8
3) Gear Change Lever E8

It is not easy to buy the E8 , E10 and E12 in a hurry individually.

I spent around $30 getting a set from E5 to E20 at Toolmart (I needed them to change the oil on the bike so could not wait for individual sockets to be ordered in)
Bunnings sell a similar kit for $35

The other option is spanners/sockets
I would have rather purchased the E Torx Ring Spanners particularly to use on the gear lever (Sockets are better on the bash plate)

I still would be happy to get E8/E10 and E12/E14 spanners.

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Re: E Torx on BMW 1200 GSA

Postby Goldie1 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:18 pm

Snap on tools you can buy separate sockets and spanners good for odd stuff. There web site will get you to your local tool truck
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