Help me out here..

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Help me out here..

Postby Dickens Cider » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:37 pm

Hi Y'all, 97-8 gs1100.
Couple weeks back now, I got on my bike, and no go...
After some dicking around I narrowed it down to the side stand switch... It was conveniently broken at the top plug, so I was able to bridge that and we were all go again.
Except now it's not gunner idle without the fast idle, and bogs down until you hit 3-4Krpm.
Apart from that situation normal.Bring Money With you, new crash bars, fork seals, spotties, motoz tractionators.
I put new plugs in it, fuel filter, new hoses and quick release.
Had the injectors cleaned already and it was running sweet before I 'fixed the side stand... I did spend some time 'dicking around' pulling fuses and relays.
Did a throttle body synch, still runs like crap. Not sure if we got that right, but a throttle clean is next.
So I'm looking for answers, what have I done, since fixing the stand switch and dicking around with stuff?
I have a throttle cable coming, it's sticking, crossover cables seem ok, and this did just start overnight.
EDIT: A bit more thought;
I pulled the throttle bodies, cleaned the up, reset the brass screws, balanced the throttles.
From what I've been reading it's something to do with the fast idle and the TPS.
The engine starts no problem, runs fine, on fast idle, start backing that off, runs when it's cold, warm it up, and won't idle.
Fast idle is about 1200rpm, so not that bigger difference.
Bean reading up about the fast idle and the tps, may need to reset it, once the new throttle cable arrives. It's got a sticky throttle which is getting worse.
My next research topic will be how to set u the throttle, how it should look, pretty sure mines on the piss, where the idle stop sits; which brings me to tps/motronic.
Everything I read is bloody Mericans and their Cats and O2 sensors.
So any help wood bee appreciated.
One of these days Isle come down and pick up my patch, get acquainted and all.
Dickens Cider
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Re: Help me out here..

Postby Dickens Cider » Sat Jul 28, 2018 4:37 pm

Thanks guys you were awesome, certainly couldn't have fixed it on my own without all the words of wisdom from the experts in this club.
I tried many of your suggestions and I learned a lot.
It turned out al my worries came from a sticky throttle twist grip, stripped it, squirt WD40 and like new.
Unfortunately I gotta set up all the throttles again, since I put in a new throttle cable.
So thanks again guys.
It really is worthwhile paying fees to belong to a vibrant club like this, tapping in on dinosaur era collective knowledge.
I was wondering what I got from my membershp, so thanks guys, you've been a great help.
Dickens Cider
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