2000 r1150gs electrical problems

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2000 r1150gs electrical problems

Postby Hushy » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:09 pm

Hopefully someone can give me some advice.
the 1150s lights aren't working and I mean all lights including the indicators. That said I have left it for a few days on 2 occasions with the battery disconnected and reconnect and the lights have come back on all be it only for a very short period of time before fading back to nothing. I have check all the connections and wiring harness what I can see and all look good. anyone got any ideas? I suppose the other thing I should mention is this all started when I was on a ride out to Peak Charles and the charge light came on just as i arrived that night. The next morning it didn't come back on however my neutral light wasn't working and one indicator was going quicker then the other when used. IO road all the way to Norseman and then on to Hyden the next day without any further issues. The next day after riding about 50ks I slowly started loosing power the temperature gauge started dropping and then I lost all the dash readout and then she just stopped. I was able to jump it with a jumper pack however it wouldn't run any more then about minute. Needles to say the remainder of that trip was on the back of a trailer and straight Auto Classic where they were short on mechanics however eventually got arround to looking at it. There first diagnosis was that the battery was flat (not shit Sherlock) of course the battery is flat but why is it flat? The next was that the alternate wasnt working so they want about $2k for a new one. I quickly called Munich Motors and purchased a second hand one which the guys fitted for me at AC. one it was fitted the guys at AC told me that it was running however the dash was still not working fully and for them to keep exploring would be an expensive option. So i told them I would come and pick it up. It wasn't until then when I was riding home that I realise I didn't have any indicators and or lights.
Anyone got any ideas??
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