BMW R1200 service

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BMW R1200 service

Postby jls » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:34 pm

hi guys
R1200 2005 i need to do a service on my new to me baby
i know absolutely nothing about the 1200
ill use 4T oil for the engine 75 90w for the gear and final drive ,spark plugs what sort i would like the iridium not sure what to order ,bmw throttle body flush ect ect
tools :lol: :roll:
all thoughts are greatly appreciated :mrgreen:
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Re: r 1200

Postby spacey1 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:54 am

Looks like you need to ride it west to a club tuning day :P

I've had these in my 2008 R1200 GSA for 40,000 km now. Still running strong...

NGK iridium plug DCPR8EIX


Fuel system: Run the BMW Fuel system cleaner through. Apply double the recommended doseage to a full tank. Run through a whole tank of fuel and cleaner, then drop your oil and filter.

After the initial double dose and oil change, use as per recommendation on the can. This stuff works. The techron is the important additive. I've tested it in the lab.

Bit of additional reading on the fuel system cleaner... however just use it...

Gearbox and Final Drive: see this post from Wilks, it's still valid. The manual suggests that 1 litre will do both the gearbox and final drive (180ml). I haven't had that experience on the few bikes I've helped with.

1.1 litres is closer to the mark... dammit...

Good luck
spacey... out
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