Sensor fault on reverse gear K1200LT

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Sensor fault on reverse gear K1200LT

Postby Feralphantom » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:54 am

Hi everyone, just returned from my trip to Tasmania and back, what a place to ride a bike!!!!
Anyway i encountered a few little probs whilst on my trip and was interested to know if anyone with an LT has had the same happen to their bike.
Seems to me to be a sensor or soleniod involved with the reverse gear switch. When you turn the ignition on to start the dash lights glow as normal, But the headlight and indicators/hazards dont work and the starter doesnt even try to kick in, if the headlight is on there was no problem starting. With a little help to push start the bike and once it is running if the headlights arent on you play with the reverse lever and it will eventually allow the lights to operate.
After putting up with it for the whole trip it finally decided on the last day travelling towards home that the starter will not engage at all and its a push start everytime, not easy with the bike loaded to the hilt.
I know its a long shot but hopefully someone out there might have an idea to help with the diagnosis or its off to Classics for the repairs, ouch!!!!

Cheers everyone and hopefully see you at Sunday brekky on the 19th Dec.


Re: Sensor fault on reverse gear K1200LT

Postby grayc03 » Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:17 am

Hi, I have the same exact issue. Was there a solution to this issue?
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