Wanted BMW G310GS & A Big Hi

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Wanted BMW G310GS & A Big Hi

Postby Mez » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:47 pm

Hi Guys, I am new here so this is my first hola :) I am a younger lad, don't hold that against me, i feel like a 80 year old :lol:

I don't see much bmw adventure bikes in the classified (Also gumtree has gone to %#$& dodgy).

But more over don't see many adventure bmw in the classified (credibility prob due the quality and sticking factor). I am a learner ( scooter 1 year doesn't count lol ) and little off-road bike experience. I have done some research in what road bike i want to go with and in consequence I have become a BMW Adventure enthusiast. As the BMW's have the best all round/comfort adventure bikes. But stuck to the BMW G310GS i.e LAMS

Lastly any advise of whether to steer away from the G310GS. As it was outsourced to an Indian manufacturer by BMW? I have been going to dealerships and trying naked bikes. Then one day I went to the BMW dealership and tried the G310R and thought lets give this bigger looking G310GS a go as it was right next to the G310R. As soon as I sat on it i couldn't get off. And when I road it, I felt like i was on my lounge at home didn't feel like i sat on a bike and it was surprisingly nimble and floated. The quality for an outsourced BMW bike seem okay, if i am wrong do tell.

Lastly if anyone had a G310GS wanting to part with or know anyone that has gotten one and changed of mind hola at me. As I seem to be going toward the BMW G310GS with some hesitation but knowing I am sold on BMW's Adventures might join the club from now :)
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