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Schuberth helmets

Postby Hati » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:56 pm

If anyone wants Schuberth lid(s) from the Australian distributor with 5 year Australian warranty, ring the importer to buy from direct on (02) 8004 6083.

I placed an order for two C4 Pro helmets, despite being tempted by the C4 (non pro) prices of graphics version for $645 and solid colour $560 plus postage at cost.

These guys tried to brake into the local market for the last year, but seem to be hitting brick walls in every direction. They got so frustrated by now that they decided to sell direct to public, hence the above. I rang them to see if they have local (Perth) presence and got the answer above.

I know the C4 is medium oval fit, but the C4 Pro is back to the original round oval fit. I have an almost 5 year old C3 and love it, which is why I wanted to replace it with the C4 Pro Carbon.

The distributor will be selling the C4 Pro Carbon for the price of the C4 Pro.
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