2 Caravan Deep cycle batteries 100amp

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2 Caravan Deep cycle batteries 100amp

Postby Nurzo » Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:59 pm

I've replaced these batteries with 200 amps of lithium.
These batteries have been in my caravan for 4 years constantly on trickle charge when not in use.
When I've been out on the road they have never been discharged lower than 12.3v and recharged full during the following day.
I would estimate they have only been thru between 40 and 60 charge cycles at the most, calculated on the amount of days we have been on the road. So there's a good 300 charge cycles left in them.

I want $50 each if i don't get that I will probably use 1 of them as a start battery in my Mux.

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