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Round and black

Postby gjo247 » Mon May 08, 2017 5:01 pm

I have a 17" front wheel, complete with discs and used tyre, for sale. I have no idea what it came from originally, but some may remember I used for quite a while on my earlier GS.
I have recently been looking into putting it on the '12 model I have now, but the spacing between the discs is different and I can't get hold of a later model abs ring.
The discs are in great shape, but there are some chips in the paint from the brake calipers knocking against the wheel as I changed it a couple of times.
I also have a brand new 17"Bridgestone Battlax tyre which has been in storage and has never had sunlight on it so should be like new.
I would like $1000 for the lot, which I think is a reasonable price.
I have photo's, just can't attach them.
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