Passing Parade

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Passing Parade

Postby Bozo » Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:05 am

A reduced group this morning at Catalano's, missing a mob enjoying the great motorcycle roads around Nannup.

Wightman had his ex Lefty bike that he had restored drawing a lot of comment about accessories such as its white panniers. Lefty took a ride on the bike complaining about the front drum brakes.

Bowe turned up with Asna, Donk's second cousin from Portugal. Asna was meant to bring Bowe luck but it did not stop a member of the passing parade booting his helmet two thirds of the way across Albany Highway.


Bowe's helmet journey was only a part of a sequence of events that started several streets away with an angry pedestrian banging on car windows. By the time he arrived at Catalanos he was not in any mood to exchange pleasantries. He picked up a chair and swung it hitting a Catalano's patron and breaking a glass. Next he flicked Anthony's coffee into his face followed by a roundhouse punch aimed at Alex's head only avoided by quick reflexes. Al had spotted a plainclothes police car parked opposite and grabbed the uniformed officer who had backup on the way to enable the pedestrian to become a passenger in a blue and white vehicle.

The brief excitement had the whole group on their feet and stifled the conversation about bing carburettors, white panniers, Nullarbor crossings and blown pistons.

Jean led the ride today on an off road run to Rockingham.

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