Slabbing it Down South with a Pallet of Boxers

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Slabbing it Down South with a Pallet of Boxers

Postby Bozo » Sun Jan 26, 2020 5:16 pm

An excellent roll up at Catalano's this morning with DFS having his wrist out of plaster but needing to be constrained for the next few weeks.

The Bozo Ride announcement was accompanied by an Auslan Interpreter who seemed to confuse rather than inform the assembled multitude.

Nine BMW riders all with boxer engines mustered for the Australia Day ride. I am reliably informed that a stack of boxers is known as a pallet and bitumen riding is known as slabbing it. So quite an appropriate Australia Day activity slabbing it to Dwellingup with a pallet of boxers.

Beemer Dave (who seemed upset about pigs having access to cosmetics), Nannup Nick, Bell Helmet Ross, His Royal Griceness, Ted, Darwin Mark, GT Geoff, Peter and Bozo took a circuitous route to get to Byford including Repatriation Road, Canning Road, Gardiner Road, McNess Drive, Albany Highway and Bedfordale Hill Road. A quick run up Nettleton Road and through Jarrahdale got us to a closed Serpentine Dam Café. No stopping in the tunnel this time as we passed the prison and the Buddhist Retreat to get back on South West Highway. At North Dandalup one of the airheads needed oil and improvising with a crimped beaker we were able to get underway again. Down to the Alcoa Refinery and up the scarp we managed to avoid having pictures of our bikes taken by restrained riding. In to the Blue Wren at Dwellingup for a talk about the Royal Family, Climate Change, Logs on Fernie Road, Lipstick on a Pig, the Mr Markle debacle and fuel filters.

Back down the hill to Pinjarra and a run along Corio Road and Lightbody Road to get to Tonkin Highway.

Very nice to have a 40 year range of Boxer engines buzzing merrily away. Thanks to Peter for running as tail end Charlie and for the group for great company. A little hot on the way home (37 degrees) but not a lot of traffic or cyclists to get in the way of us enjoying the flow of the corners.

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Re: Slabbing it Down South with a Pallet of Boxers

Postby pspencer » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:05 pm

Thanks Bozo for leading us on another interesting ride. Thanks to all the team for making it a great ride again.
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