Certification for Rider Down Course

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Certification for Rider Down Course

Postby Swampy » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:37 pm

As a matter of interest to those in the club who attended the Rider Down First Aid Course last month.

This morning I enquired into the delay in us receiving our Certificates from Rider Down. Janine very quickly responded by informing me the delay has been caused by Registered Training Courses (RTC) and was completely out of her hands.

Apparently only one person processes the certificates and that person has been on leave!! It begs the question as why only one person is capable of conducting this process???? :roll:

Janine agrees with me as she explains that this delay reflects badly on her business and she is in the process of changing her contact with RTC.

Meanwhile this erstwhile employee has returned to work now and Janine is actively chasing them up in an effort to expedite the certificates delivery.


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