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Postby BillB » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:45 pm

Members please note: change of week-end that was previously advertised.
Due to a number of date clashes we have decided to run the cook- off the following week-end to what we previously advertised to now 29-30 th September.
Please earmark your calanders with the new dates for this popular club event. We ran the last years cook-off at Gabyon station out near Yalgoo which involved a memorable ride out to the event and a opportunity to experience a great country destination with other BMWMCCWA members.
Most riders enjoy a decent bike ride out into the countryside to a location where they can set up a camp and impress judges as to ones creative cooking abilities out in the never never. We intend to make this event another great ride down with dirt and tar options, tent or comfort sleeping arrangements( take note Bozo) , a panel of non-drinking unbiased upstanding citizen judges with an appreciation of camp cook-off rules and expectations and a brilliant location at Woodhill farm.
We hope partners will also participate in the club camaraderie and come along, if they don't want to pillion down they are welcome to car pool or drive themselves down but must not bring gear that may help the contestants as the contest will be run with strict judging guidelines to win the prizes.
Astute members may note the event clashes with the footy grand final. We have organised TV viewing for those that can't tear themselves away from the footy.
So your committee will be making a big effort to make the Denmark farm a memorable fun club event for members to come along and participate in.
We hope the event will be well attended by members. We usually get a number of sponsors donating very reasonable prizes for winners of the various categories that the judges will judge.
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Postby goodguy » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:16 am

Had a look at my work roster..can manage that...yea.
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