Australia has Five (or Six) Corners - collect them all

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Australia has Five (or Six) Corners - collect them all

Postby Bozo » Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:38 pm

An impressive turn up this morning at Vic Park for the Sunday ritual with 21 bikes. Good to see Braam, 2 Volts, Beemer Dave and Jamie amongst the throng.

Seven souls headed out on a ride to Dwellingup. HR Griceness, Wightman, 2 Volts, Beemer Dave, Rhonda, GS Bill and Bozo headed to the scarp with a good run past Canning Dam and on to Jarrahdale. A brief stop at Serpentine Dam and we were down to six with Wightman having headed north. The deviation for the new bridge on Kingsbury Drive has been sealed but with the amount of loose stone was equivalent to the gravel track it replaced.

Rhonda was giving the Can Am a run before heading to the border and also chose to turn north on South West Highway. HR Griceness and 2 Volts short circuited the ride by taking a run on the gravel along Scarp Road. There was a reunion of the group at the Blue Wren in Dwellingup where after a series of Beemer Dave anecdotes (including Alice in Kitchen land), HR Griceness announced he was going to visit MacCabe Corner. The mystified group was informed that this was a state boundary corner in the middle of the Murray River near Murtho. There are six state boundary corners in Australia with one unnamed and HR Griceness was going to visit them all.

2 Volts headed to Boddington and the remaining four followed Beemer Dave down the scarp and headed home.

The weather held off apart from a few spots of rain at Dwellingup and we even saw some sun. Even though the wattle was blooming there were few bees because of the cool temperature and with few cyclists and little traffic a good day for a ride.

Thanks to GS Bill for acting as Tail End Charlie.

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