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Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:44 pm

Only around 13 bikes at Catalanos today with the perfect storm of cold weather and the distraction of the derby keeping punters away.

Lots of talk about Exmouth trips past and future as members reminisced about warm dry weather. Wightman braved the environment to bring his classic red BMW and BJ and Noel arrived in style on their HP2s.

A small group took a short trip through Brigadoon, past the rapids of the Avon River, through Berry Road, Bailup Road and Burma Road to get to Bakers Hill. Gerry, Ted, Wes and Bozo were surprised by how clear the roads were and how little traffic. There were a few potholes and the streams were really pumping with a nice waterfall on Campersic Road.

The group headed back via Inkpen Road, Southern Highway, Chidlow and Stoneville. The roads were almost dry on the way back and it was good to get out and stay dry. Thanks to Wes for acting as Tail End Charlie.

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