Inspecting the crops

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Inspecting the crops

Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:39 pm

A healthy roll up this morning including Koos. Anthony was back from his spring break dodging SMIDSY drivers, Ross was sporting a brand new GS Rallye with second hand tyres and Nev was talking tyre pressure monitors and Woody's wheels.

Beemer Dave, Ross, Ted, Vic, Stoy + 1, GS Bill and Bozo went on an agricultural tour to inspect the crops. A deviation through the Bickley Valley had Bozo avoiding a large kangaroo being chased by a domestic dog. Vic needed a visit to the Lakes servo for air as Ross took his new chain saw carrier home. The countryside looked magnificent with fresh green growth and flowering canola. Beemer bailed at Beverley to shorten his ride home and the rest took the Top Beverley Road to York. A brief stop in York and then via Spencers Brook to Bakers Hill. Stoy was down to his last few litres and topped up his fuel whilst the rest refuelled at the Bakery. Home via Coates Road and Government Road.

Magic day to go through a ride on dry roads and stunning countryside. Thanks to GS Bill for acting as Tail End Charlie.

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Re: Inspecting the crops

Postby wightman » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:25 pm

Well done, Bozo. I might have been a starter, on the Granada Red R60 but the needle jammed in the fully uppermost position, inhibiting the inflow of petrol to the left hand carby top, meaning I was riding a 300 single for a few ks back home. Lucky I had a replacement carby top and still made it in time to Cats, to see Nev and Koos and a handful of others downing endless cups of good coffee and exchanging unlikely stories. Nev told me to convert the old girl to fuel injection.
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Re: Inspecting the crops

Postby spacey1 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:39 am

And inspecting the slabs for crumbs under our table just a little bit later...

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