Tech Talk: BMW R1200 Series

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Tech Talk: BMW R1200 Series

Postby spacey1 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:10 pm

A list of technical articles that I've put together over the 175,000 kms (and counting) of owning an awesome 2008 R1200 GSA.

BMW R1250 / 1200 Variable Valve Timing systems

BMW R1200 22 spline drive shaft failure and replacement

R1200 Throttle body problems - broken cable pulleys

Motorbike Tyres - Talk about tyres you've owned

R1200RT drive shaft failure

BMW R Nine T Scrambler / UGS + Wilbers long travel suspension

BMW R1200 GSA (2008) ESA Shock Absorber Removal

BMW R1200 series: CanBus and GSA fog lights

Throttle body balance R1200GS

BMW Boxer Harmonizer: Syncing throttle bodies

Fuel system cleaner / injectors / fuel gauge strip

BMW R1200 series: TPMS/RDC Refurb

BMW R1200 series: Can you change TPM read out from BAR to PSI?

BMW R1200 series: ABS Unit repairs

BMW R1200 series / K1200 series: final drive repairs

BmW R1200 GSA Fuel Tank Flange Crack (RHS)

BMW R1200 series: ECU Map modification + StainTune Exhaust

Engine Mods: ECU, A/F ratio, Power controller, drive-ability

Working on Brakes: Rule Number 1

BMW R1200GS series Specifications by Year

BMW R1200 1200 Adv gear ratios
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Re: Tech Talk: BMW R1200 Series

Postby Raider » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:22 pm


An excellent list. However, after scanning it seems to be missing the most important item. The one about what to do when the service interval is up or there is a problem or other, including those listed…

Add this to your list: Call Auto Classic or Thorsten etc and make a service/repair booking. Just need to add a phone number or two. Then there is, of course, a requirement to find a way to get home and a way to get back when the bike is ready.


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