BMW F850 GS in Siberia

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BMW F850 GS in Siberia

Postby spacey1 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:27 pm

One of my favourite YouTubers: Those crazy Romanians from Drive Mag Riders doing their thing in the new BMW F850 GS riding around Siberia.

Their final destination is Magadan via the Road of Bones, but until before that place they visited the Olkhon Island on the Baikal Lake and traveled for thousands of km through Siberia.
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Re: BMW F850 GS in Siberia

Postby Alex Nikonov » Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:23 am

Hi spacey1,

Unfortunate this is only part of the story. In the beginning you could see there were 2 bikes and 2 riders. In a few days after leaving Lake Baikal second bike got stuck in Siberia because of not working oil pump. Guys from Romania didn't mention this and second rider finished the trip alone, but I saw their bike with my own eyes in one of Moscow dealerships with broken engine.So please be aware that 2018 year production F850GS had such problem and there was a recall campaign to fix this.

In all other respects nice road, nice idea to test bikes in Siberia. Just in case we do tours in Russia and Far East in particular, here is Road of Bones tour we do - ... ure-riders. I hope putting link here doesn't break any local rules. If do please tell me I will remove it

Ride safe, enjoy new bikes (R1250GS must be good!) and hope to see you one day.
Alex Nikonov
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