Rare thing- Australian sporting group experiences a century

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Rare thing- Australian sporting group experiences a century

Postby Bozo » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:21 pm

A good turn out for the first Sunday in 2019.

Bailey put in a friendly appearance with associates Kim and Andrea. The two transcontinental twins, McFarkle and DFS, were discussing global bike movement. "Coffee for Ian" received a dumb look from a club member who asked Robbo and Goldie if there were any Ians in the club. Swampy showed that the white pointer ownership was not "fin" just yet by turning up for a last time on the extensively farkled and immaculate vehicle. The Punkster scooteretted home early. Stoy also scarpered to celebrate Orthodox Christmas Eve as January 7 in the Julian Calendar is equivalent to December 25 in the Gregorian Calendar.

Herman, Wes, Rhonda, DFS, Peter, Swampy and Bozo being unorthodox celebrated the last day of double demerit points by travelling to the original Miami Bakehouse. Up to Lesmurdie and on to Canning Road and Canning Mills Road. Canning Mills Road has had its road works completed and is a smooth motorcycle road. Linking to Tonkin Highway by Mills Road East the group travelled down Rowley Road and Wattleup Road to get to Naval Base. After a short stop the group disintegrated with Rhonda having a bee in her bonnet and getting stung on the forehead. The Rockingham, Palm Beach, Mangles Bay and Safety Bay beaches were absolutely packed with almost every tinny in Perth being out on the water. A slow progress through the beachside suburbs got us to Mandurah where Herman left to head home.

At Miami, DFS's PD created a lot of interest. Wes headed north whilst the remainder took Southern Estuary drive to Forrest Highway and cut across to Coolup. Coolup was an incongruous name as the temperature had climbed 5 degrees since we left the coast. The busy Pinjarra Hotel was a welcome break for Lemon Squashes to face the journey home on Corio Road, Rapids Road, Lightbody Road and Kargotich Road. The remainder of the group experienced an old fashioned century of 100 degrees as we passed through Perth's southern suburbs. It has been a while since so many members of an Australian sporting team all experienced centuries.

Thanks to Swampy and Peter for efficiently operating as Tail End Charlie. Hopefully the White Pointer will join the school of sharks in the club again on a Sunday with its new owner.

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Re: Rare thing- Australian sporting group experiences a cent

Postby pspencer » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:43 am

Thanks Bozo for leading a great ride which didn’t seem as hot as the temperature gauge showed. A great way to kick off 2019 Sunday rides!
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