Heading South

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Heading South

Postby Bozo » Sun Mar 03, 2019 3:31 pm

A illustrious crowd at Catalanos this morning. Good to see Koos drop by, Emperor Eddie, Tim and Jodee.

Alex showed us how to turn a three wheel vehicle into two, Nurzo was half way through open heart surgery on a RT to fix a leak, Beemer and Brian/5 were trying to settle on the truth and Noel was recreating a replica of the Sellicks Beach motorcycle races. His Royal Griceness was waxing lyrical about getting 17,000 km from a 50:50 tyre.

Ten riders and two pillions braved double demerit points to take a run to Waroona. Bill+Trish, Kim+Andrea, Ted, David, His Royal Griceness, Mick, Mark, James, Bozo and Swampy headed out through Lesmurdie, Karagullen and Araluen to take a run past Canning Dam. Through a multinova before a downhill dip through Bedfordale and arrival at Byford for a temporary conflict with a classic sports car. A run up Nettleton Road to Jarrahdale past a packed out Café to Serpentine Dam. Alcoa's new tunnel is finished on Kingsbury Drive before passing a full car park at Karnet Prison.

His Royal Griceness and David disappeared down Scarp Road for a dose of pea gravel and Mick peeled off at South West Highway. After a run up Del Park Road the rest caught up with the grinning Griceness…."what kept you"...before the duo headed off for a big Mac at Collie. Kim+Andrea and James stayed in Dwellingup and half the group took Nanga Road past a busy Lane-Poole campsite to the bakery at Waroona. The long week end meant a queue stretching out the door.

Home via Paterson Road, Corio Road, Hopelands Road and Kargotich Road. Pretty cool on the way south but up to 35 degrees on the way back.

Thanks to Swampy for running as tail end Charlie. Good to get out as a group and ride some brilliant roads.

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Re: Heading South

Postby brian/5 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:36 pm

Sounds like a good ride.
For anyone going through Collie I highly recommend the Jax Cafe corner of Atkinson N and Johnston streets.
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Re: Heading South

Postby bigredpig » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:34 am

Cheers guys. Was a fun ride.

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Re: Heading South

Postby Raider » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:19 pm

His Royal Griceness was waxing lyrical about getting 17,000 km from a 50:50 tyre.


Having ridden many, many memorable kilometres in the company of Chris (for that IS his name) I can offer some insight into just how he gets 17,000 kilometres from a single Continental block tread.

He discretely puts his bike on the Indian-Pacific whenever he crosses the Nullarbor and counts the kilometres travelled as though the bike was underway...

On each of these crossings he forgets to take the key out of the ignition and is always amazed to find it still in the ignition (for this rarely happens at Catelano’s) when he gets to the other end of the journey.


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