Ground Hog Day

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Ground Hog Day

Postby Bozo » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:36 pm

Despite the club members who were at Bencubbin there was a solid turn out at Catalano's today.

Good to see Terri-Anne back in WA. Anthony and Chris had attempted to navigate the Wheatbelt Bermuda triangle (where unusual mechanical malfunctions proliferate in motorcycles) but a broken throttle cable ring tailed their trip in the place of the possums. Anthony was a lucky man to have access to a spare and a willing courier to bring it from Peth to Goomalling.

Ten riders headed out the same primary destination as last week, Bindoon. Ross + Bernadette, Dinga, Wightman, Ted, Ray, Peter, Mark, Stoy, Swampy and Bozo followed the same path past the airport to the Swan Valley before being reduced to a crawl behind a water truck leaving Bullsbrook. A deviation down Blue Plains Road and a run up the Great Northern Highway got us to Bindoon where Swampy sailed past. Wightman, Dinga, Ross and Bernadette stopped at the Bakehaus. Ted had headed back for a birthday and Ray thought Gingin was far enough.

Stoy, Mark, Peter and Bozo turned off Moolabeenie Road onto Wells Glover Road to get to the Moora-Mogumber Road. The entire population of Mogumber must have been watching the F1 Red Bull riding competition as the town was deserted. Taking the well surfaced Mogumber West Road, Orange Springs Road, Cowalla Road, Sappers Road and KW Road we hit Lancelin for kid sized fish and chips all round.

Retracing our steps we took all of Cowalla Road to get to Military Road before hitting the Wanneroo Road roadworks.

Whilst not as "cool" a ride as recent mid week rides the temp was OK.

Thanks to Swampy for tail ending a third of the ride and for Peter for managing a smaller group for most of the ride.

It is 5 months since we last went to Lancelin but I still have not got tired of having a slab of fish with an ocean view.

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