Flotilla without the Admiral left to flounder

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Flotilla without the Admiral left to flounder

Postby pspencer » Mon May 06, 2019 10:53 am

The Sunday ride group at Cats was left floundering when Admiral Bozo was found to be missing in action. The Petty Officers were left in a dither as charts were consulted to plot a course for the flotilla. A suggestion to head in the direction of inland seas was accepted by all.
So Petty Officers Bill and Trish, Mark, Alan, Brian B, JP, Swampy and Peter ventured forward into unknown seas. We quickly passed the airport and headed through Helena Valley, Hovea and Darlington to head for the higher ground of Mundaring. We headed down hill to the first inland sea with no vessels sighted on the vast expanse of the Sea of Mundaring. There was another flotilla of “experienced” riders there from I Ride With Chloe and we had the pleasure of seeing Chloe( check out Chloe’s website). Only a brief stop for the flotilla and we headed through rough water to the next sea - Sea of Canning. Unfortunately Alan was attacked by a bee resulting in a bite on the face and poor Alan and the mighty HMS KTM having to head home. Hope all is well. Bill and Trish and Peter left their ships to view the Sea of Canning whilst the remainder were left in the dock to discuss general shipping issues. Again no ships on the Sea of Canning!
The remaining flotilla of 6 ships adjusted their compasses to pass through Jarrahdale with Brian B on his latest acquisition HMS 2012 R1200R ship leaving the flotilla here to head to his home port. The minor sea of the Sea of Serpentine Pipehead was quickly checked out, being a first for some, followed by the larger Sea of Serpentine. No ships on either surprisingly!
Again compasses were adjusted to head for the Sea of North Dandalup with JP on his superb auto HMS Africa Twin peeling off onto Scarp Road with the remainder heading to the smoother waters of South West Highway. We met JP at the Sea of North Dandalup again stopping to search for shipping on the sea. No result!
With the compasses again adjusted for the Sea of South Dandalup our trusty Tail End Charlie decided the short 3 odd k’s of rough water was not suitable for HMS Harry so the flotilla of now 4 checked out the deserted Sea of South Dandalup before plotting a course to Dwellingup with TEC meeting us there. JP with the mighty HMS Africa Twin left the flotilla here to return to home port via Boddington.
With the trusty HMS Harry covering our rear ends the flotilla, now back to 4 ships, steamed to the mess at Waroona Bakery via Nanga Rd and Nanga Brook Rd. As usual the mess food was up to a high standard with much discussion on a plethora of subjects taking place. The flotilla disbanded here with all ships chartered for home waters.
With the weather so good and unexpected the review of 6 inland seas was completed with only the minor casualty of Alan’s bee sting the day was a success even without our venerable Admiral.
Thank you to Petty Officer Swampy for TEC duties on HMS Harry and Petty Officer JP for putting photos on Facebook.
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Re: Flotilla without the Admiral left to flounder

Postby Swampy » Mon May 06, 2019 1:07 pm

Hello Sailor,

Excellent Ride Report Peter and thank you for climbing out of steerage, assuming command and guiding us around our lovely inland seas at such short notice!

Hopefully Alan won't be laid up in dry dock too long for repairs after that sneak attack by the Cruise Bee missile damaged his super structure?

We had wonderful calm seas during our voyage of discovery and the fair weather was a bonus.

Hopefully my commission to Rear Admiral will come through soon and we will be able to celebrate with a tot at the Fleets Annual Regatta next month?

Thanks also go to our ship mates for the day and a better ships company could not be found!!

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Re: Flotilla without the Admiral left to flounder

Postby Bozo » Mon May 06, 2019 8:14 pm

Dear Crew
Admiralty House needed attention to its timbers ( flooded floating floor) and so I missed the cruise. Mystifies me why floating floors and deep water do not mix.

Good to hear a large flotilla hoisted the ensign and dotted their eyes and crossed their seas.

See you next week.

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Re: Flotilla without the Admiral left to flounder

Postby pspencer » Tue May 07, 2019 8:21 am

Venerable Admiral all the Petty Officers are so glad that keel hauling does not have to occur for being AWOL, always makes a bloody mess on the ship hull. But the Admiral keeps having problems with decks and water in different ports. With respect Admiral B the decks should remain above high tide level.
Looking forward to seaing you next week where you can resume leading the flotilla across new seas.
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