Swinging through the Electorates

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Swinging through the Electorates

Postby Bozo » Sun May 19, 2019 5:32 pm

The low temperature seemed to keep the Catalano's group to around 20. A Yamaha Midnight Special stood out amongst the day time BMW motorcycles. A small displacement motor fitted to a bike presented to the group with throttle cable problems but rode off into the rising sun without being resolved. Kenny and Bowe brought antique airheads to sit amongst the RnineTs and HP2.

Steve was back from a successful gravel ride around Mount Augustus on his special tyred 1200 RT reporting sighting very few vehicles between Meeka and Mount Augustus. Appropriately one was a police vehicle when he was stopped for a break at Mount Gould.

Wes and Swampy went on a bespoke ride to York with Swampy being spoken to by lots of people in flash vehicles.

GS Bill + Trish, Mark and Bozo went to Paul Keller's favourite destination of Quindanning. All the way were the smiling faces of candidates strung up on poles and fences. At Araluen we were greeted by a pack of revving sports cars who had mistaken Gardiner Road for Barbagello Raceway. A quiet run down to North Bannister for an inconvenient stop and then on to Wandering, Crossman and Boddington. Resisting the temptation of the Mediaeval Fayre we pushed on to Quindanning for our place in the sun. Back via German Paul's favourite road (Lower Hotham) and on to Dwellingup.

Back down Del Park Road, Hopelands Road and Kargotich Road were the ride ended.

GS Bill + Trish and Bozo headed to Gooseberry Hill for Paul Keller's wake with Cookie, Kenny, Lefty and Swampy also attending.

Thanks to GS Bill for acting as Tail end Charlie.

Sad to think that Paul will not ride with us after being on over 100 Sunday rides but nice to know that it was something he loved.

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