2019/20 Committee Nominations

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2019/20 Committee Nominations

Postby jono » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:35 pm

There is still time to nominate for a position on the 2019/20 Club Committee, all roles are open. If you have ideas, enthusiasm and a bit of time to commit to the club then why not make a difference and give it a go. You will get plenty of support from the existing committee members, both those who step down and those who stay on. There have been quite a few nominations already (you can see these on the members section of the website) so make sure you have a look and come along to the AGM on 8th July from 7:30 pm at the Vic Park Hotel to vote for your representatives.

The clubs success is based on its membership and its direction, the committee determines a large part of the direction so if you would like to see a change or alternatively want more of the same, come along and have your say.

This year contested committee positions will be decided by a vote with all willing nominees provided the opportunity to address members before the vote should they so wish. They well then be asked to step out while voting proceeds and called back when a decision has been reached.

Put the 8th of July in your diary and come along.

See you there

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Re: 2019/20 Committee Nominations

Postby BillB » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:47 am

The AGM is an important event in the clubs future. At this stage there is only 1 new face putting themselves forward to act on committee. The rest including myself have been long term committee members of the club. This is a 40 years plus club and has survived over this period because it has had something to offer that attracts members to be part of it. Presently to my mind it has become a “old mans club” and a bit stale. There appears that presently there is limited or little contact with younger or the majority of BMW bike owners out there or much going on to attract their interest. It appears that the majority of signed up members that are part of the club don’t participate actively apart from getting discounts from business supporters , getting social media photos and amazing ride reports from members that take on amazing rides on their bikes, the occasional help at one of our tuning days, they aren’t participants benefiting from what our clubs charter is all about “ bringing together like minded BMW bike owners to enhance their ownership of these bikes”
I think it is important for our club to bring together all BMW bike owners and make them feel personally their club is a club which they want to participate in and for all members to take a personal interest in supporting and want to belong and support it.
I hope that at this AGM we have more people showing an interest in making the 70% + of non show members becoming involved and coming along to take an interest in the clubs future.
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