The debate on the club direction. For the AGM

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The debate on the club direction. For the AGM

Postby BillB » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:39 am

The BMWMCCWA should be the Centre point for the greater BMW bike community of WA and currently I feel it isn’t. I hope to lead the club with a enthusiastic committee and members to reach out to and enthuse the many BMW bike owners that aren’t involved in our club to also become involved and provide them with reasons to want to become regularly, involved members. I have indicated on our social media and our web site a number of ideas and plans for members to examine and decide on where I would like to take the club.
With more outsiders joining and non active BMW bike owners becoming involved with what they want to participate in, the club will become stronger and more diverse.
It all goes towards building a stronger more diverse club holding greater interest for members that have paid big bucks for their bikes and want to use and enjoy them.
To attract these members we have to reach out to find what they are interested in and open pathways for them to be involved. For instance some of these categories I can think of would be the following:
1. Involving, just mixing with knowledgeable other BMW bike owner club members
2. Going on organised group rides with various timings that suit different members schedules and rides they like for instance “Swampy rides held mid week , Bozo rides held on Sunday mornings and other rides members can put forward by advertising on our web site if they want some company.
3. Participating in track days. We should try and attract the sports bike BMW owners with organising track days. AUTOCLASSIC indicated they could help with this.
4. I would like to see a annual BMW bike owners ride in a similar context to what we organised with our 40 th anniversary ride where anyone owning a BMW bike will be invited to go on a mass group ride to a destination with family and friends also being at the destination to celebrate the ownership of their bikes we could also tie this with raising money for charities. It would make a positive showing of the club in the greater community.
5. Organising membership picnics with their family’s heading out into the countryside with family members that don’t ride arriving in cars. This would allow bike owners with young families along with other members to socially interact and the time poor bike owners to participate and find new friends and get to use their bikes as members of the club. It also gives them an excuse to get out into our countryside.
6. Having organised off road ride groups involving helping less experienced members to gain knowledge and confidence and using their bikes as they are supposed to be used. Also organising various levels of off road riding.
7. Organised longer adventure rides where members can head off with the knowledge they have the backup from others if it is needed. Rides such as the Jeff Douglas mainly off road ride to down South is an example.
8. The club organised tuning days where members can learn about working on their bikes and maintain and repair or learn to look out for problems that may develop with their bikes.
9. Hold bike related presentations with members who have been on epic rides or trips being asked to present to members their experiences.
10. The club has social get together dinners where all members or groups have the opportunity for interacting and experiencing camaraderie amongst the group
11. Organising subgroups within the club such as concessional bike owners, the various airheads, oil cooled LC GS,RT,K bike etc BMW bike type owners getting together for events and camaraderie
12. And the old regular meeting up on Sundays etc etc
There are many activities that members can take an interest in that involves the club.
I would suggest that to diversify the club the club should possibly form sub groups with an informal makeup of special interest with a representative that can come to committee meetings and help coordinate their activities. These sub groups could include the following:
1. Off road ride group
2. Concession bike owners group
3. Adventure group
4. Midweek ride groups
5. Club retail sponsorship group
6. Any group with specific types of BMW bike
7. Wives and partners group.
Since I have put my case for leading the club forward over the last few weeks, I have had a number of NON PARTICIPATING BMW bike owners responding back to me. Unfortunately a number have indicated there is a perceived reputation of the club being a “closed old blokes club” that doesn’t want change which tends to put them off joining or participating in the club. Others have indicated they would like to be more involved but our events and timings aren’t flexible enough,or conducive with their schedules in order to mix with other members. There were comments that original old active members felt the club was becoming very stale and didn’t appeal to them any more. There were people who felt the club didn’t communicate well. These comments are possibly all true and I hope to address them with what I propose with leading the club.
During the last few weeks some stalwart club members have made numerous reasons as to why they think these non participating BMW bike owners aren’t interested in participating and they say the club should stay as it is as the participating membership is what the club is all about and we don’t need a change of direction in the club. They have indicated as it is run by volunteers and there is just so much they can do what I have proposed would involve too much for our committee to carry out. I think this is a “cop out”. With a bit of creativity much more communicating with the membership than has been done previously and planing we can carry out changes to have more BMW owners participating in their officially recognised BMW bike club.I have listened to these members and have also listened to the non involved BMW members whom many have personally replied to me with encouraging responses that they agree where I am coming from. I feel we should have and can have change with our membership to make changes to bring these members into the fold.
By encouraging greater participation with greater numbers of club members, it increases the depth, voice and strength of the membership which flows onto all club members and enhances their overall BMW bike club experience for the better
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