Quiet Sunday

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Quiet Sunday

Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 04, 2019 3:24 pm

With Border Runners and Desert Raiders depleting the Sunday rollup it was a subdued group. Jeff was a black hatted visitor from the south with Nev, Terry Ann, Dinga, Wes, Steve, Swampy, BJ, Ross, Bernadette, David, Noel, Vic and Alex also spotted. A very clean bumblebee and a 2015 GS seemed to be new acquisitions for club members.

Vic, Wes and Bozo took a run through the Bickley Valley and past Mundaring Weir and on to the Lakes before a brisk ride on Talbot West Road. The countryside was very green and very wet. The trio took Talbot Road to Cut Hill Road before taking Great Southern Highway to York. Pasing through a quiet main street and on to Spencers Brook before a stop at Bakers Hill. A breathalyser test held up the group on a misty run back in to Perth.

Thanks to Wes for carrying out tail end charlie duties.

Good to get out on some quiet roads. Hope the travellers get to the desert or home safe.

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Re: Quiet Sunday

Postby Swampy » Sun Aug 04, 2019 5:10 pm

It was good to be back among'st the throng this morning enjoying and sharing a free brekkie with Scruff!! Sorry Dave your presence was not required this morning so I hope you enjoyed a bite out on the Nullabor ?:roll:

Great to see Steve Nurzo back after his heart scare last week which prompted him to race out and purchase a near new GS Adventure which was picked up on Saturday and modified by this morning.
Now waiting to see what the bike looks like wearing new Desert Dueler 4WD tyres next week :shock:

Also good to see Dinga return after an extended European holiday in Europe spending some time with Peter and Dorothy Hermit on their yacht in Holland 8)

Noel also graced us with his company after time out working in the "Never Never" and due to fly out again very soon.

The following I must record here and now as a matter of record: Scruff has promised (among'st witnesses)to by me a brand new BMW R1250RS when he wins $10 million on Lotto, Which prompted me to want to buy him a ticket to help him in keeping his promise? :lol:

Thanks for the company everyone, because as much I loved the company of the lovely nurses whilst in hospital, Cat's on a Sunday morning is a much more desirable place to be :lol:

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