One O Nine T Ride

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One O Nine T Ride

Postby Bozo » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:28 pm

With the forecast of hot weather and the distractions of the Christmas season there was a subdued turn out today.

Prof Dist was on a very smart K1600 Sport, Noel on a HP2 Enduro and BJ on a café racer.

Sectioned displays were prominent with Cookie circulating a fuel filter sectioned in two and Ted illustrating how a two pack spray can worked.

Big Red was gaining kilos with a new set of spotlights and a top box.

Six riders braved the forecast 109 degree Fahrenheit Temperature (The BMW design team label this hot weather as One O Nine T(emperature)). DFS had only just arrived in Australia from England where he experienced minus 5 degrees C. The crew were Beemer Dave, DFS, Ted, Peter, Swampy and Bozo. The first part of the ride was through Carmel in the Bickley Valley and then a loop on Walnut Road, Patterson Road and Repatriation Road. The temperature was quite manageable travelling through the shaded scarp roads. Canning Road, Canning Mills Road and Brockman Road got us to Chevin Road and a stop on the Brookton Highway. Next was Gardiner Road, Araluen, Canning Dam Road, Albany Highway, Bedfordale Hill and Byford. A run up Nettleton Road for a stop at the General Store in Jarrahdale. Spoons became the topic of discussion with Ted having a Uri Geller version given to him. After number 60 almost became Swampy's nemesis the group split with Swampy and DFS taking independent paths home. Beemer Dave, Ted, Peter and Bozo took Kingsbury Drive to South West Highway before heading home.

The temperature exceeded 109 degrees Fahrenheit on the way home.

Thanks to Swampy and Peter for running tail end Charlie duties on a ride where the ride leader seemed to be a mirage.

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Re: One O Nine T Ride

Postby pspencer » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:49 pm

Thanks Bozo, or was it a mirage, for leading us to Jarrahdale. You did not look any older today, was it really your birthday last week?
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Re: One O Nine T Ride

Postby davebeemer1 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 1:30 pm

Thanks Bozo for leading a terrific ride today. Cool vest made short work of the heat. I didn't get home till 3.30 pm and enjoyed a top day out.
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