CANNING STOCK ROUTE 1983: Fremantle 2020 Adventure Film Fest

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CANNING STOCK ROUTE 1983: Fremantle 2020 Adventure Film Fest

Postby spacey1 » Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:17 pm

Thanks Goldie for passing this on...

Andreas and Fred Powell, ex-BMWMCCWA members, are doing a presentation at the Fremantle 2020 Adventure Film Festival of their 1983 unsupported Canning Stock route ride, riding BMW motor cycles. They have Super 8 movie footage of their ride and most of their equipment used, will be on display.

The event is at the Fremantle 2020 Adventure Film Festival, 'Shop One Theatre', 13.45, Saturday, 21st March 2020. Refer links below and head to schedule.

Andreas and Fred Powell:

Check the Schedule for times:
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Re: CANNING STOCK ROUTE 1983: Fremantle 2020 Adventure Film

Postby boomer61 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:28 am

This will be an amazing insight in to the CSR.
I did it in a HJ45 Landcruiser about 1 month before the Powell brothers.
It is very interesting to see the change in the CSR due to the very high level of traffic over the years.
Also the development of reliable water points along the track, back then it was hope you get water at the next well.
The well 23 fuel dump was operating then and was the only source of fuel.
Also at that time there was no commercially available CSR specific maps, you used topo's, wac, and any other source you could find, like people who had been out there before.
In a 4x4 you had the luxury of carrying a RFDS HF radio to keep in contact.
You might see 1 or two other cars out there, typically geo exploration crews.
Now days it is like peak hour traffic in the desert.
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