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Border Run

Postby Nurzo » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:34 pm

I'm a bit premature talking about this years border run. so let me get to the point.
I will be attending this year, missed last year due to a heart attack and the bride wouldn't let me go 2 weeks later.
My plan is Sunday of the run instead of heading back to Perth I will go on to Maralinga and do the guided tour of the Nuclear test site.
This will be booked for the Monday or Tuesday.
from there it's head home or go to Inisfail via the central outback.
Not getting ahead of myself I would be happy to have company for the Maralinga leg and can talk about the longer trip to FNQLD.
Coming back is a whole new ball game, Route Number 1, river crossings, crocodiles and other adventure's.
Need to be adventuress and have plenty of time.
I did the round trip last time in 3 weeks and I did miss a lot having difficulty health wise.

If interested contact me.

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