Oil Head, Cam Head TPS

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Oil Head, Cam Head TPS

Post by Nurzo »

Throttle Position Sensor Tps For Bmw 3 5 7 8 Series E30 E36 E34 E39 E32 E38 Z3 M3 Oe# 13631726591, 13631721456

I bought one of these as an experiment to try on my 2007 R1200r. This I did and the result is it works perfectly and the bonus is the fuel consumption dropped .7 L over 8 kl.
On AliExpress they can be had for as low as $18 delivered in 10 days.
At this price changing the TPS on a regular basis and keeping throttle air fuel mix perfect is not an expensive exercise.

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Re: Oil Head, Cam Head TPS

Post by spacey1 »

Top tip Steve 8)

Look forward to giving this a go.

My 2008 has a bit of a flutter at around 98 km/hr. I've always thought that replacing the TPS might be a worthwhile change after 220,000 km. OEM price is a way over the top for a test...

Will reply with feedback once I acquire one.

spacey... out

P.S. Tuning day Saturday 22nd June.
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