Emergency Services Australia

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Emergency Services Australia

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New App developed by Emergency Services. We have all been involved in an emergency where you are asked 'What is the location of your emergency?'.

If Adv Riding, you could be 'out the back' or you could be 'Outback'. Regardless of where you are, giving Emergency Services your Lat/Long usually resulted in confusion with no guarantee they understood exactly where you are leaving some doubt as to if assistance is on its way.

Now, with this App developed by the Emergency Services, all you have to do is give them the 'three words' of your location.

Download it, try it! If you open the App in your front yard, it will give you three words. If you open the App in your back yard, it will give you three different words.

A game changer that could save a life; maybe even your own.

Thank me later.


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Re: Emergency Services Australia

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