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My new bike

Postby Fastrhino » Tue Dec 10, 2019 9:31 pm

Hi everyone
Well after a 2 weeks back in the saddle after a 2 year break it is like I never left (its just like riding a bike).

I am planning some big trips for 2020 starting with a jaunt over to Brisbane in January for work.

Followed by a leisurely ride down the coast to Sydney in March and on to Melbourne.

I am hatching some big plans for an overseas trip which could involve me parting with Peter the Great (my name for the new bike) in Melbourne for freighting to foreign lands.

For now I am getting the bike ready and making sure I have all the equipment ready for overland travel here.

If anyone is interested I have a YouTube channel and have just uploaded my first BMW related video which is a review of my new bike (who knows some of you guys may know this bike).

This is a shameless plug, please subscribe to my channel as I will be doing lots of BMW related videos in 2020.

See you on Sunday at Catalano's

Mike (rhino)
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