A Dastardly day for DFS!!

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A Dastardly day for DFS!!

Postby Swampy » Sun Dec 29, 2019 4:53 pm

Another good turnout at Catalano's this morning and terrific to see some ladies attending and brightening the day!!

Bozo led another Historical Tour but I will leave the details in his capable hands.

Disaster struck DFS Dave in Yarloop in that a rather large piece of fencing wire pierced his brand new rear tyre and tube bringing him to a wobbly woah outside Yarloops Town Hall.

While Bozo continued with his Magical Historical Tour with the main group before heading off to Waroona Bakery for refreshments, 3 stalwarts remained behind to assist Dave who was feeling rather more deflated then his tyre was :roll:

John Wightman esq, Peter Spencer (retired), Goldie (nearly) and Swampy (WC) stood ready to render good advice and bad and assist where necessary to Dave

John produced a pressure pack of slime that had past it's use by date 5 years ago which still managed to dribble a spoon full of goo into Daves tube but to no avail!!

John headed off home to fetch his Recovery Van while meanwhile Goldie galloped off to Waroona in an attempt to locate some decent goo!!

A local stopped by and offered DFS the use of his property to store his bike if required whilst the rest of us gathered cobwebs waiting for Goldie's eventual return!

A fresh can of Goo and a few minutes on the mini compressor enabled DFS to be escorted at a Funeral Pace along South Western Highway into Waroona's Bakery where the group dug into a hard earned meal and refreshing drink and where we removed the mirrors and Flycatcher off Dave's bike so it would fit in the back.

About and hour later John arrived in his van where an attempt was made to fit the dastardly defaulting bike into a van too small :shock:

Back on the deck where the front wheel was removed and with 4 pairs of willing hands we managed to shuffle the bike on board where it was securely strapped down before heading North to Dune Country where DFS resides.

The time was 1430hrs when the group finally split to make their way home.

A great effort by John, Goldie and Peter with plenty of un solicitated? and unwelcome comments by Swampy :lol: saw a successful result to DFS's Dastardly Day!! Well Done guys,

Late message from John W at 1640. DFS and Bike dumped off at his address with front wheel re assembled with assistance from a third party Guy lending a hand to unload 8)

Well Done all!!

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Re: A Dastardly day for DFS!!

Postby Goldie1 » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:15 pm

Yes well done by everyone unfortunately can’t help a piece of short weldmesh wire going through a tyre.
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